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Nicki Batagol Stonnington

I grew up in Stonnington and went to a local kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Read more.

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Testimonials & Recommendations

“As someone who knows what it takes to represent, stand up and deliver for the community, Nicki Batagol has what it takes to be your person. Nicki cares, she listens, acts with integrity and inclusiveness. She has what it takes.”

Video review: https://vimeo.com/464873343

Bernadene Voss, Mayor, City of Port Phillip

Nicki Batagol is driven by a personal commitment to make a difference for those who are within her village and ensures her impact is felt beyond her reach. She listens with intent and authenticity and strategises numerous opportunities to make things happen. Nicki enables those around her to have a voice, she works collaboratively and in partnership with others and leads with a collective vision to attain better outcomes for her community.

Rochelle Cukier, Principal, Armadale Primary School 

“Nicki’s broad volunteer experience in community organisations demonstrates her community spirit and commitment to making a difference. As Chairperson of PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression, Nicki demonstrates compassionate and engaging leadership. Her capacity to encourage open conversation and hear all sides of the story consistently led to agreed and creative outcomes.”

Terri Smith, CEO (2014 – 2019), PANDA